Town Application

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Town Name: Sunnyshore
Mayors: __james___, skyflipper1, TGDMinecraft
Extra Rules: No building without a mayors permission and saying what the building is used for
Town Warp Coordinates: -21103 22516

Town Members:
ACTIVE: __james___, skyflipper1, TGDMinecraft
USERS WITH HOMES: freyyy_, Tofandel, Heesmaster, GangstaKatze
Town Structure Uses: Public Villager Breeder, Villager Trading Setup, Super Smelter, Bamboo Farm, Cacti Farm, Sugar Cane Farm
Town Boundaries: Main island (the one surrounded by sugar cane), building is allowed outside, but doesn't need a town claim extension
Designated Warp Area: By the Water Fountain, there will be a rules board as well
Not open for further replies.