Savannah Shops Town Application


New member
Name Of The Town: Savannah Shops
Extra Rules: No shops buildings without mayor unkown/permission
Coords: 370 120 496
Town Mayor/s: TxBroxTito

Town Shops and members:

Books Shop--->TxBroxTito
Arrows Shop--->Rxse_Idk
Rockets Shop--->Da0wner
The Iron Shop--->PrimoZ1
Cinnamon Shack--->Cinnamon_Kami
Cactus Shop--->Sarakenia
Tnt And Totem Shop--->Vinious
Shulkers/Rockets Shop--->K1ster
Wood Shop--->TurtleBoy123
Wither Skulls Shop--->daisyreheatskids

Extra info: Savannah Shops is a community place where all of we can buy useful items or sell them!


Event Team Manager
Hello txerrena,

Thank you for submitting your Town! Your application has been accepted. The mayor can add members to the Town claim by doing /town add [player]. Added members can access everything in the Town claim, excluding player claims, and destroy/place blocks. Players don't have to be added to the town to build, they just need to claim their own area. You can warp to your town by doing /warps. Enjoy your Town claim!