Rosengrad #2


New member
-Rxse_idk, Photomchica33, TxBroxTito
- #1. Try to keep the style of your house the same as the capitals (spruce, stone bricks and cobblestone.)
#2. We are Communist so please no shops or selling items inside the walls of Rosengrad
#3. If living in Rosengrad speak to Rxse_idk or photomchica33 so we know who is establishing in our town.
#4. keep your house in a 10x10-12x12 area and try to connect to a side street, meaning the cobblestone path is 3 wide.
#5. When chopping trees for your house please replant them.
#6. Once you're established please ask an official for the Discord (Rxse_idk or Photomchica33.)
- X:-6512 Y:77 Z:-22701


Event Team Manager
Hello Rxse_idk,

Thank you for submitting your Town! Your application has been accepted. The mayor can add members to the Town claim by doing /town add [player]. Added members can access everything in the Town claim, excluding player claims, and destroy/place blocks. Players don't have to be added to the town to build, they just need to claim their own area. You can warp to your town by doing /warps. Enjoy your Town claim!