Oh God click off this is a long one


Right my name is Jamie, James, Jim Jam (Only for Odge and Grumpy that one tho) or whatever other wacky stuff you can think of I genuinely don't care. I play a little too much and am one of the few people that can actually control Tof so you know I am all powerful what can I say. I play a little too much guitar, don't sleep at all, and enjoy going on da 4am walks. I am generally online on the discord and ingame and if you need help just dm or @ me I don't mind. Also I help run Yum so you know, and I'm about to be married so you know (yes I am 15 do you think I care)

Anyways cya o/


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I didn't get to say my vows.
So here it goes

I vow to laugh, for real, at your every joke, no matter how stupid or poorly told. I love you that much.

There, now it's real.