[OFFICIAL] Town Application Format

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Event Team Manager
Town owners and/or contributors, please fill out the following form to be considered for becoming an official Town. Accepted towns will be given a Town claim and an official warp that all players will be able to use. The Town will be protected within the official claim, but outside of the claim will not be. If your Town is private, please do not submit an application.

Whether Towns are accepted or not is ultimately up to the Staff team. There are no criteria set in stone for becoming an official Town, however, we do recommend making sure your town meets some minimums before submitting an application.
- Your Town should have at least 10 residents.
- Your Town should have structures for purpose of community use.
- Your Town should have a distinguishable boundary between Town land and wilderness.
- Your Town should have a designated area for a warp should it be granted a town claim.

Please use the following format using a separate thread to apply.
What is the name of your town?:
Who is/are the Mayor(s)?:
Does your town have specific rules that are extra to the VanillaVerse server rules? If so, list them:
What are the coordinates to your town warp space? (X Y Z):
Please upload some screenshots of your town:
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