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Last updated November 7, 2020.

How do I connect to the Minecraft server?
Use the IP: mc.vanillaverse.net

What does voting do and how do I vote?
Voting gives you claim blocks and 5 experience levels in-game. If you get a 10-day vote streak, you'll earn Supporter rank for 15 days! Voting supports the server by bumping our listing on server lists. You can vote for our server by visiting vanillaverse.net or by issuing /vote command in-game.

How do I get more claim blocks?
You can get more claim block by voting for our server and logging in to the server daily.

I found a bug on the server. Where do I report it?
You can report bugs on our #bugs channel on our Discord server or by contacting any Staff member.

How do I get a rank?
You can visit our store to buy paid ranks and see the perks they are offering. Supporter rank is obtained by voting for 10 days in a row. You can apply to be a Staff member here.

I have a problem regarding the store and my payment. Who should I contact?
For support on financial issues, please send an email to [email protected].

I have a problem but there are no Staff online. Help!
You can write message to our #help-me channel on the Discord server. If your situation is urgent, you can tag @Staff Member role.

How do I become Staff?
You can apply to be Staff here.

Can I be a builder?
You can apply to be a Builder here.

Where do I report a Staff member?
You can report a Staff member here.

I've been banned from the server. Can I appeal?
You can appeal bans here.
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