[OFFICIAL] Command Guide

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Last updated November 15, 2020


  • /menu - Opens your personal menu where you can view your player information and customize settings.
  • /rank - Shows your current and pending ranks.
  • /website - Prints a link to the VanillaVerse website.
  • /discord - Prints a link to the VanillaVerse Discord server.
  • /store - Prints a link to the VanillaVerse server store.
  • /vote - Prints two clickable links to voting websites. Clicking and voting at the links gives special rewards!


  • /tpa [player] - Sends a teleportation request to another player.
  • /tpaccept [player] - Accepts a teleportation request from another player.
  • /tpdeny - Denies a teleportation request from another player.
  • /wild - Teleports you to a random location in the world. This can only be used every 24 hours.
  • /home [name] - Teleports you to your Home. Players who have not set more than one home do not have to add a home name.
  • /homes - Opens a menu with all your homes. You can click to teleport!
  • /sethome [name] - Sets a Home to your current position. Your first Home does not need a name and will be named “home” upon default.
  • /delhome [name] or /remhome [name] - Deletes a Home.


  • /claim - Toggles claiming mode on/off.
  • /claim info - Displays information on a claim.
  • /claim manage - Opens the claim menu. You can customize and delete your claim from here.
  • /claimbalance or /bal - Displays your current claim block balance.
  • /claim add [player] - Gives another player access to your claim.
  • /claim remove [player] - Revokes another player’s access to your claim.
  • /claim transfer [player] - Transfers ownership of your claim to another player.
  • /claim visualize - Temporary visualizes all nearby claim boundaries.
  • /claim delete - Deletes your claim.

Rank Perks​


  • /hat - Wears the current item in your hand as a hat.
  • /me - Prints your action in chat.
  • /claim rename [name] - Renames your claim.


  • /firework [parameters] - Customizes the firework stack in your hand, if one exists. Power option is not available
  • /trash - Opens a Trash menu to permanently delete items.
  • +All of Gold's Commands


  • /particles - Opens the particles menu.
  • /skull - Gives you your own skull.
  • /mobcannon [mob] - Shoots and detonates said mob.
  • /custommessage - Lists custom join/leave messages. Click on one message to select it!
  • +All of Gold/Diamond's Commands
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