[OFFICIAL] Abuse of Staff Members

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Hello everyone!

I hope you're all doing well and are staying safe.

I wanted to write a detailed post regarding the small minority of players on VanillaVerse that think it's acceptable to hurl abuse towards our staff members when decisions are made that the player is not happy with or does not agree with.

The reason I am writing this post is because I feel there have been one too many occasions where I have members of staff coming to myself, or other members of the Staff Management team to report players on VanillaVerse sending them explicit, rude and derogatory comments based off a decision that the staff member has made in a situation, or because the member of staff was simply doing there job and ensuring players are following our server rules.

I want to re-iterate the role of our staff members to you all - they are promoted by the Staff Management team to ensure everyone within our community enjoy the server and have the best experience possible. The rules on the server are decided by the Staff Management team and it is the staff members responsibility to ensure that everyone in the community is following these rules and make sure it's fair for everyone. By joining our server you're automatically agreeing to abide by these rules, so please make sure you read them here: [OFFICIAL] Minecraft & Forum Rules | VanillaVerse

If you are unhappy with a decision that a member of staff has made, or you feel that a member of staff is abusing their level of trust and power, then it is in no way acceptable for you to take matters into your own hands and start sending abusive messages towards said member of staff expressing how you feel about the decision that they have made. We have set up a section on the forums that is designed specifically for members of the community to report a member of staff to the Staff Management team if they ever find themselves in a position such as this. That section can be found here: Report a Staff Member | VanillaVerse

I am making this very clear to the small minority of people that do decide to hurl any form of abuse to any of our staff members for simply doing they job they have been asked to do, that they will find any evidence will be forwarded onto the Staff Management team, and I make it my personal promise that I will not deal with these players lightly - lengthy punishments will be handed out. I will not accept any form of online abuse towards any of my staff members no matter the circumstances.

I would like to take this final opportunity to end this announcement on a good note, and say thank you to everyone of you that enjoy playing on this lovely server, we have such a lovely privilege of having such a wonderful close community that make playing on this server enjoyable for everyone. I hope you all continue to enjoy your time here with us on VanillaVerse and come with us on such an amazing journey ahead for the server!

Stay safe everyone, and enjoy gaming!
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