Oaktown Town Application

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The name of the town: Oaktown
Mayors: Horseglue, AceTheExaltdKing
Extra Rules: No killing or stealing town pets without permission, even if they are outside a claim. Make sure to ask for permission to build if the area where you are building is close to other houses. Slurs on signs or books towards other players in the town are not allowed. Rebuild any damages done by creepers if you were nearby. Please replant any crops that you have taken from.
Town Warp Coordinates: -32059, 69, 24753
Screenshots: A mix of shader and no shader screenshots. (Patrix 32 bit, SEUS ptgi, and Stay True were used.)


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Hello Ace,

Thank you for submitting your Town! Your application has been accepted. You can add members to Oaktown by doing /town add [player]. Enjoy your Town claim!


Just a note: members have access to make changes to the town (destroy/place blocks etc) ofc not on players claims.
You don't need to add them as members to be able to build. They just have to claim their area.

If they don't want to claim the area then you can add them as member but keep in mind they can make changes to how the Town looks. Maybe grief your town as well.

- Root
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