Oaktown Application #2


New member
What is the name of your town?:
Who is/are the Mayor(s)?:
AceTheExaltdKing, Roun_Oskel, Ed_DarkTrooper
Does your town have specific rules that are extra to the VanillaVerse server rules? If so, list them:
-Do not steal from the community chest; take what you need to build/use
-Do not kill any pets in town
-Be respectful to your neighbors and handle disputes with integrity and respect
-Be conscious of where you build; at minimum build at least 30 blocks away from a structure (length adjusted based on build)
-Do not grief the town
-Please replant any crop that you have harvested
-Please fill up any holes made by creepers
-Do not start military disputes without authority from the Oaktown supervisors
-If you wish to build a public building or house for the town, follow the building style and let either the supervisors or higher ups know please

What are the coordinates to your town warp space? (X Y Z):
2017, 69, 8137
Please upload some screenshots of your town:
*Forgive the quality of my photos this time, I was on laptop :)*


Event Team Manager
Hello Ace,

Thank you for submitting your Town! Your application has been accepted. I have set you as the mayor of the town since currently we can only have one mayor per town. The mayor can add members to the Town claim by doing /town add [player]. Added members can access everything in the Town claim, excluding player claims, and destroy/place blocks. Players don't have to be added to the town to build, they just need to claim their own area. You can warp to your town by doing /warps. Enjoy your Town claim!