Mountain Market Rules

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1: Griefing is not allowed.

2: If you want to setup a shop, you need to talk to @Znossi or @IsaRat before building/claiming (OdgeBodge can also be asked)

3: Only claim the land that your shop takes up, extra claims will be deleted. (if redstone takes up a lot of space, please think about how to hide it tastefully)

4: Pricing and Items

A: Pricing is up to each shop owner, if you choose to sell it stupid cheap, then its on your shoulders to keep your shop stocked. If a shop is out of stock for 2 weeks straight, then it will be closed and removed (special occasions like vacation/sickness are excused)

B; If you wish to sell a item that's already being sold at the market you may. Pricing is up to each owner of the shop, but do keep in mind: this is just a game and we are trying to have fun. Do not be a asshole just because you can.

5: Your shop must stick to a theme. Don t sell random things. For example, you can have a big potion shop with all kinds of potions, but don't sell carrots/books/blocks as a mix.

6: Redstone shops are preferred, if you chose to use the trust system, your items will not be rolled back if stolen. The thief will be blacklisted from ever setting up a shop.

7: Every shop must be on the ground. No floating buildings.

8: No scams and add stock light indicators. If your shop malfunctions, give refunds.

9 : All Buildings in Mountain Market must be shops. ( The exception to this will be community buildings for the market that we asked for)

10: Keep paths clean.

11: No farms at Mountain Market

12: No infinite bell/noise machine or anything like that.

13 :If a shop owner isn't following these rules, he/she will be evicted out of Mountain Market

We expect shops to look decent, if you need any help just ask ;)

Rules may be changed if needed
Not open for further replies.