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Hello guys! It's me again, a lot of you might not recognise my name, but those of you who played the server back in 1.6/.1.7/1.8/1.9 between 2014/2016 will probably recognise my name as Bekaroonee!:ROFLMAO:

I used to be a bad person on the old VanillaVerse. And now with the return of the server i came back as a builder.

I am very friendly and very welcoming, any questions you have I love to answer them all - so make sure when you see me in-game or around on the Discord/Forums you say hi!!👋

I hope you enjoy it here, because you certainly won't find a better community than VanillaVerse!!

~Jxxk ❤️

p.s. i basically stole this from BedBug 😝

p.s.s. Hail grandmaster Gabbe
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