Hi! I'm Petlit!!!


Event Team Manager
It's been about 5 years since I posted one of these on here. Hi guys!! I'm PetlitMC in-game but most people on VanillaVerse call me Pet or Petlit. You can even call me Kajsa, which is pronounced Kai-sa, like the League of Legends character!! You might know me as the ONE WHO TYPES IN ALL CAPS and overuses !!!!!!! and ??????? or the lurking Senior Mod, but I promise I am far less than intimidating if you haven't talked to me before. Like, really. I promise.
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I first joined VanillaVerse in August 2014. I was and to this day still am the youngest Staff member admitted to the team, since I was 10 when I first joined the team. It was a questionable decision back then and I still question it now. 😂 I kinda grew up on here!! I "left" the VanillaVerse team near the end of 2015- and by "left" I mean one of the Senior Mods asked me if I wanted to voice call and I freaked out so badly that I dodged the server for 3 months until I was demoted for inactivity. I love joining voice calls now but I was pretty shy when I was younger haha. I rejoined the team in 2018 and I hope to be here a lot longer!

I like Disney and learning pointless choreography for simplistic dances from Disney Channel originals and TikToks!! I know my way around Disneyland a lot better than I should and half my builds have some sort of inspiration from Disney. I really like the color pink!! I like to think I'm super smart but this has been proven false on multiple occasions!!

I love it on VanillaVerse and I've made valuable friendships that have lasted years and I hope to make more that last years after that! Come talk to me!! I want to be your friend :)


Honestly 10 year old staff doesn’t seem like the end of the world, admittedly they would need a babysitter at all times so maybe not