[FORMAT] VanillaVerse Staff Application Format

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Staff Manager
First of all, thank you for considering applying for a staff position on VanillaVerse!
It means a lot to us that you want to provide your time in order to help us become better!

Staff Application Process Explanation
Currently we have a team of Administrators who review applications. If your application is successful then you will receive a private message from one of these people giving you the next steps in the process.
Applicants that are younger than 15 or do not have a microphone or means of getting on a call with us on Discord are unfortunately going to be denied, since these two qualities are really important to us.
Contacting staff members about your application will most likely get it denied, so please keep that in mind!

Application Format
Please copy and paste the following questions inside your application and answer them. No need for huge paragraphs or extended texts, express yourself as you please, there are no correct answers!

1) What is your Minecraft username?

2) What is your Discord handle (e.g. Steve#0001)?

3) Do you have access to a microphone to communicate on Discord via voice chat?

4) How old are you?

5) How long have you been playing on VanillaVerse?

6) How much time can you contribute to VanillaVerse on a weekly basis?

7) Have you been previously banned on VanillaVerse or any other server? If yes, what for?

8) Why are you applying for a staff position?

9) What do you think you could bring to the staff team? Is there any aspect of the team or its performance that you feel you could improve upon by joining the team?

10) Are you currently staff on any other servers, or were you in the past?
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