Claim currency


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I feel like claiming things by using diamonds is much more difficult than it's predecessor.
Although I do see how it is usefull in having people stay and play on the server, it has it's issues.
Let's say for instance, since stealing is allowed for unclaimed chests, it would be annoying for those who have started playing in the server to be robbed before they even have enough diamonds to claim their chests.

Idk maybe it's just me but I just want to focus on building this season, so if that gets destroyed I guess I can always rely on a staff member over and over again for assistance.


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I will have to agree with you on your point. Along with that, it creates unnecessary inflation in the server economy since diamonds are the main currency. People can no longer really buy goods since they are pouring their diamonds into their claims so it doesn't run out.


I do not think that we will be changing up the claim currency anytime soon, however, as a contribution, there are ender chests at the end farm where members can deposit their valuables in until they get an ender chest of their own!

As for goods, I have been observing and it seems like we are not only trading diamonds for other goods nowadays. If I have any other observations I will update here! ^-^