addicted to minecraft(immers)


New member
Hello guys, gals, and pals of the jury,
My name is minecraftimmers (in game, sander irl), I joined the server at the end of October 2020 and have been a great fan ever since! I’m secretly in love with ImAChirry, but don’t tell him, hush!!
For anyone interested I’m into photography, coding sh!t, music, and Minecraft ofc. I love the building and Redstone side of Minecraft and am always willing to help with something so feel free to ask any time.

Additional information:
The Oxford Comma is very important to me.
Pineapple DOES go on pizza
Friends is overrated
I own a huge teddy bear
He/Him/whatever you prefer, idgas.
Born in ’03, you may guess whether that’s 1903 or 2003
I got em pets

See you later alligator!