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  1. AceTheExaltdKing

    Claim currency

    I will have to agree with you on your point. Along with that, it creates unnecessary inflation in the server economy since diamonds are the main currency. People can no longer really buy goods since they are pouring their diamonds into their claims so it doesn't run out.
  2. AceTheExaltdKing

    Oaktown Application #2

    Coordinates Edit: 20220 70 8177
  3. AceTheExaltdKing

    Oaktown Application #2

    What is the name of your town?: Oaktown Who is/are the Mayor(s)?: AceTheExaltdKing, Roun_Oskel, Ed_DarkTrooper Does your town have specific rules that are extra to the VanillaVerse server rules? If so, list them: -Do not steal from the community chest; take what you need to build/use -Do not...
  4. AceTheExaltdKing

    Oaktown Town Application

    The name of the town: Oaktown Mayors: Horseglue, AceTheExaltdKing Extra Rules: No killing or stealing town pets without permission, even if they are outside a claim. Make sure to ask for permission to build if the area where you are building is close to other houses. Slurs on signs or books...