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  1. PetlitMC

    [OFFICIAL] Town Application Format

    Town owners and/or contributors, please fill out the following form to be considered for becoming an official Town. Accepted towns will be given a Town claim and an official warp that all players will be able to use. The Town will be protected within the official claim, but outside of the claim...
  2. PetlitMC

    Hi! I'm Petlit!!!

    It's been about 5 years since I posted one of these on here. Hi guys!! I'm PetlitMC in-game but most people on VanillaVerse call me Pet or Petlit. You can even call me Kajsa, which is pronounced Kai-sa, like the League of Legends character!! You might know me as the ONE WHO TYPES IN ALL CAPS and...
  3. PetlitMC

    [OFFICIAL] Command Guide

    Commands Last updated November 15, 2020 General /menu - Opens your personal menu where you can view your player information and customize settings. /rank - Shows your current and pending ranks. /website - Prints a link to the VanillaVerse website. /discord - Prints a link to the VanillaVerse...
  4. PetlitMC


    Last updated November 7, 2020. How do I connect to the Minecraft server? Use the IP: What does voting do and how do I vote? Voting gives you claim blocks and 5 experience levels in-game. If you get a 10-day vote streak, you'll earn Supporter rank for 15 days! Voting...